My mother and the kidney tumor…

Er, my mother is going in today for the needle biopsy, for the tumor on her kidney. So if you could spare a moment to shoot up a prayer to the entity of your choice, or just shoot some good vibes her way…she’s very panicked. All the news we’ve gotten up to now has been nothing but positive, but she’s convinced she’ll have to go on chemo and lose her hair (she doesn’t care about dying; she does care about losing her hair — um, I know her priorities are a little messed up, but, all the same, if you have a spare moment?)

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  1. liza connolly says:

    hey kip,

    so glad i called today…didnt know! I am sosorry for all of YOU.

    I was calling to see if i could come down and take her to lunch next week! I am sure this is making you very unhappy! she sounds like she really believes in the MGH docs , so since she is the one going under the knife, i’d support her gut instinct!

    I will pass on news to carrie and dana.

    xo Liza

    • Kip says:

      Liza — thank you so much. Yeah, I’m sorry she dropped it on you like a bomb — she thought your mom had told you already. I’ve looked up the survival rates (5 years out) and we look like we’re in pretty good shape. Have gotten her a bunch of homeopathic stuff she can use in conjunction with whatever hardcore treatment she goes through. Mainly trying to keep everyone’s attitude right (positive) and focused on just the next step (don’t bite off more than you can chew, don’t think into the future and worry about stuff that you have no control over). I’ll post updates on here and I’ll send you updates through email. If you want to come down, absolutely, do so, she’d *love* to see you (so would I!) and she’s healthy enough to go out for lunch (just bear with her with the walking and whatnot). My best to Kevin, your little ones, Carrie, and Dana! Again, will try to keep you updated — take care! Much love from the “strange one” in the family. 😉

    • Kip says:

      P.S. I have her almost exclusively on a PV (“personal vaporizer” — electronic cigarette) now; health risks with that are the same as chewing Nicorette gum; namely, negligible. I smoke one almost exclusively myself, down to just a few cigarettes every day. Take care. And, as always, sorry if I’ve seemed grumpy the past few times I’ve seen you — the whole messup losing the Wellesley house didn’t sit well with me. Thanks so much for your help in the move, though, and please thank Dana for me, you guys did *so* much and we really appreciate it (plus finding those photos — I *never* could have found those albums for her). Take care, Lizzie! Don’t be a stranger. We’re always around.

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