“My God, it’s full of stars…”

You know what I have?

A 60 gig Playstation 3, that’s what I have.

The thing is sleek. The thing is beautiful. The thing is amazing. The thing baffled me for eight hours as to how to hook it up online (but oh, I got the bitch online).

You think your Wii is dope? Hah. I laugh at your Wii. I raise my eyebrows in scorn at your Wii. Your Wii will last a year, maybe two, before you get tired of the gimmicks.

The PS3 is boss. You gotta see this thing in action on a hi-def plasma set. I had to wipe up after myself.

Only have three games so far, but they’re a good choice. NBA 2k7 (awesome), Call of Duty 3 (awesome), and Fight Night 3 (also awesome). Yes, these are all available on the XBox 360, but man…the PS3 could crunch the 360 in about two seconds.

I held off on the big launch title, “Resistance: Fall of Man”, because I’m not the world’s biggest fan of first-person shooters. But I will be getting one more game. It’s between that and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

And I’m not bothering to get the jazzed-up Madden ’07. My PS2 Madden will work just fine, and I’m actually more comfortable with it.

On the brightest side, people can start giving me videogames as presents again when holidays and birthdays roll around — the last two PS2 holdovers I’m playing are Madden and Final Fantasy XII (I shudder to think what Square will unleash on the PS3 with FF XIII next year).

Yes, yes, yes, all in all, today was a good day.

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