My fellow conservatives, you are in the midst of a HUGE MISTAKE…

Okay. I’m not going to get much into the mess that Super Tuesday is turning into, but I will say this: conservatives are making a mistake. 80% of them appear to be going over to Romney.

Listen to me, for God’s sake, especially in the states where the polls are still open. LISTEN TO ME. Do you want Romney fighting Islamic extremism? Do you think he will actually do it? Who do you think the terrorists are more worried will win, Romney or McCain? McCain, dammit, MCCAIN.

Look, it’s a bitter pill to swallow when McCain makes remarks about not nominating judges like Alito. But neither did Reagan. Reagan also passed, I believe, the largest amnesty bill ever for illegal immigrants (and the Earth, amazingly, did NOT fall into the Sun).

VOTE MCCAIN. Romney will LOSE THE GENERAL. Romney is a WHORE. Romney is a Stepford Candidate.

Romney, my friends, is not even Bob Dole. Romney is John Kerry with darker hair and weird Mormon underpants. Perhaps not on policy, but that’s the overall vibe he projects. You think that’s going to win the general?

My fellow conservatives, I beg of you:


And I’m out.

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