My email address, for Mr. R. and whoever else needs it

Okay, I was contacted in another post by the notorious Eurotrash punk, Mr. R., who demands my email address. Now, if I had time, I’d just type it up in Photoshop and make it an image. For those wondering why I’d do that, it’s because — let this be a lesson to you — spammers send out spiders on the internet searching for mailto links or email addresses in any form. So I’ll just post my email address in a longer line that requires logical thinking to put it together, for Mr. R. and anybody else. This isn’t one of my Super Secret Squirrel addresses, by the way, so if you mail me at it and I don’t respond, try again, because you may have been deleted accidentally along with the 300 spam emails a day I get on it. Anyway:

My email address is: my first name (or rather nickname, hint, it begins with “k”, tough, huh?), the “at” symbol, and the name of this website, without the http://www part in front of it.

Now everybody ask Mr. R. why Hasselhoff is so important!

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