McCain — too soft on hate

I was asked to have a “fun time defending this jerk” (John McCain), who today apologized for comments that he didn’t even make, ones that were made by a talk-radio host introducing McCain — who slammed Obama and repeated his middle name over and over (gee, I wonder why anyone would repeat “Barack Hussein Obama” over and over *cough* fearmongering *cough*).

Then, of course, after McCain took full responsibility for remarks he didn’t even make, within hours, Rush Limbaugh was mocking him with his usual vitriol for — being a nice guy? Having some sense of integrity?

Is there any doubt left that, of the three politicians left standing (I’m not counting Huckabee, here), two of them are decent guys and one is not afraid to use the “kitchen sink” attack on her opponent in the primary?

Yes, it’s tough as hell to defend a decent guy and an authentic hero, I gotta say.

And is there any doubt left that the oozing pus-filled sore that is the Clinton Machine will do anything to get elected? I may not agree with Barack Obama on…well, almost everything…but I do think he’s a decent guy who doesn’t deserve to be smeared by a power-lusting bitch who is lashing out now that she’s cornered.

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