iPhone 4S Jailbreak SCAM ALERT REDUX

Hey all, I’m just here to let you know, once again, that there is still no jailbreak for the iPhone 4S or iPad 2. The latest scam I saw today really annoyed me, because it’s trying to take the limera1n/blackra1n good name and sully it. It’s a “product” called “Easyra1n”. I think the reason that this particular one is cropping up is because we are actually close to a real A5-device jailbreak from the hard-working pod2g. Last week, pod2g tweeted that he had successfully jailbroken an iPhone 4s, and posted screen shots of it. He went on to say that the jailbreak might be available as early as this week.

However, a few days after that, pod2g had to take that statement back, as it turned out that the exploit he used to jailbreak was based on an iPhone developer kit and doesn’t work with a regular old iPhone 4S. So at the moment pod2g is working on a way to translate the dev kit jailbreak into a jailbreak that will work for the rest of us. So, obviously, the jailbreak has been delayed again. Hopefully not for TOO long, though.

In the meantime, I repeat, THERE IS NO JAILBREAK FOR IPHONE 4S OR IPAD 2 YET! Anyone who asks for your money for a working jailbreak for those A5 devices is scamming you out of your cash! Do not get taken by these a-holes!

Again, for all things jailbreak, visit http://limera1n.cc.

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