IPhone 4 specs are out; pre-order date and shipping date.

The new iPhone features the highest resolution of any smartphone, longer battery life, and a thinner new look. It releases on June 24th and you can start pre-ordering it on June 15th. $199 for the 32 gig model, $299 for the 64 gig model, available in black and white, front-facing video camera for face-to-face videoconferencing; shoots video in 720p, now has a built in flash and a built in 5x zoom capability. Old 3Gs are being marked down to $99. Remember, however, that AT&T will charge you a service fee for upgrading your phone — they just haven’t announced it yet. Let’s hope it’s not over $100.

Again, pre-order on June 15th for delivery on June 24th. In other words, get ready to buy it next week.

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