Incense madness…and football…

I went completely apeshit buying incense online. Ever since Pier 1 has decided to cut back on it, I’ve been getting desperate.

So first I ordered a bunch of twenty-stick packs online. Okay. Good. That’ll hold me.

Then I light the nag champa and realize how much I love the stuff (an acquired taste, I suppose). So I go straight back to where I bought the original incense and order like 500 nag champa sticks. They arrived today looking like a brick.

If there’s ever a devastating circumstance that drags the word into the Dark Ages, rest assured, dear reader, that while governments fail and people resort to cannibalism — I will have some incense around to lighten the mood.

Two quick football notes. First, I cannot believe the Patriots, after dominating the Jets, let up and let them score 14 points on them. Second, I think that comeback by Eli Manning in the Giants game was phantasmagorically fantastic. I like Eli. I just don’t like him when he’s playing us or screwing with our schedule.

One last thing…my fantasy teams, which have not been doing well (DAMN YOU LARRY JOHNSON, DAMN YOU SHAUN ALEXANDER) face an interesting situation in one of my games this week. Seven players have a bye week. I had to juggle REALLY carefully to get that schedule back on track.

Ah well. That’s all for now.

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