I’m going political on Twitter…

Reminder to all of you out there who want to follow me regarding politics — I do most of my ranting on Twitter. My Twitter handle is @Kipstah — https://twitter.com/Kipstah. Please feel free to follow me. Also, if you’re on the Left, I recommend you follow my good friend @corey_hollister who is doing his best for the Left (which doesn’t deserve him). Corey has a standing invitation to write an opinion piece on here any time he wants; I hope he takes me up on the offer. And I will not allow you to flame him on here if he does. Keep your discourse respectful, if you can. Anyway — the blog is less political (but starting to turn back to it, I can’t help it), while my Twitter account (@Kipstah) is where I tend to let loose and link to conservative stories and such.

Stay calm and keep on truckin’.

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