I like Obama, I do

There, I said it. I like Barack Obama. Sue me. Not his politics — whatever they are, because he doesn’t really stand for anything except “hope” and uh…”hope” — but because he’s an engaging speaker willing to say certain things (in a calculated gamble) that you don’t always hear from a Democrat. And he speaks well. He ain’t no John Edwards.

Of course, if you look at this story right here about some of Obama’s recent remarks, you can understand why I might like the guy on a personal level.

Mind you, the only situation where I might end up voting for Obama is if we of the GOP are so monumentally stupid that we go ahead and nominate Mitty Romney. I hate Mitt Romney with a passion that is only shared by my hatred for Mitt Romney, the Stepford Candidate.

Are we really down to nominating people to positions of power because they have attractive hair?

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