I hate the Wii

Okay, first, look, I’ve tried the Wii. I understand why people think it’s fun. But I still hate it.

First, it’s stuck with last-gen graphics. Okay, so the games are cheap, but you’re not gonna get anything that new with the Wii.

But here’s the big thing. Let’s use, I don’t know, basketball or table tennis as examples. Using the Wii controller, you mimic moves in real basketball or real table tennis games and your moves are replicated onscreen.

Here’s my problem. If you want to to really experience playing table tennis or basketball get a damn basketball and shoot some hoops or get a ping-pong table and play it.

I mean, what’s next, a Wii game that simulates paying bills? Shopping at the grocery store?

I dunno. I just hate the Wii. Innovative? Yes. Flash in the pan? Yes. It’s just not up there with the big boys — the PS3 and the 360.

So shoot me (or use your Wii nun-chuk to make a shooting motion at me). I just don’t like the Wii.

I also find the name silly. Wheeee!


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