How Very Conservatrarian of You, Senator Rand Paul

Old news by now (a day, lol), but, hey, listen up GOP old guard — move *aside*, we need someone like Rand Paul to do this. And consider running for president. Coming from: a conservative, with strong small-l libertarian inclinations, a touch of Hitchens contrarianism (and skepticism), who’s younger and most likely smarter than a good bunch of you older establishment issues types. So — Senator Graham, you are a dithering moron, and I hope to God you get knocked off by a conservative — Senator McCain, I voted for you, I have the utmost respect for you as a war hero, but you were yet another in a long string of old moderate “next-in-line” disappointments for the GOP (latest installment being Willard). Enough! We will have a conservative in 2016, I tell you.

Nice opening salvo, Senator Rand. I salute you. Now listen to this and think about your next move. This was a rather nice shot across the bow. Right. Crank and continue, good people.

P.S. A heck of a lot better than Rubio at the SOTU. 😉

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