How to Program Your X1 Box For 30-Second Skip and 15-Second Rewind

Okay, guys, this is a pretty easy little hack, right here.

I have verified this works on an XR15 remote, which I believe is the latest. Remember, you’re programming the box, not the remote.

A search box will come up while you’re doing this; pay no attention to it, just follow these simple instructions:

Hit EXIT -> EXIT -> EXIT (EXIT three times, quickly and deliberately)
Type 0030 (this is where the search box will come up, ignore it)
Press the ENTER button (the button that glows white in the middle of the directional pad)

Your PageUp button will now fast forward 30 seconds, and your PageDown button will rewind 15 seconds.

NOTE: This will NOT work on Xfinity On Demand titles. It will only work on DVR-recorded programs and live (buffered) television.

Hope this helps some folks.

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7 Responses to How to Program Your X1 Box For 30-Second Skip and 15-Second Rewind

  1. Shauna says:

    Awesome. Worked perfectly. Thanks!

  2. Leo says:

    I want to customize to 1 or 2 second rewind for live sports but it doesn’t seem like that is an option. 15 seconds is too long if I want to watch a pitch or hit over and over again. Direct TVs replay button was 3seconds I think and that was perfect for live sports. If I wanted 15 seconds I would just press it 5 times…

    • Kip says:

      Alas, I think you’re right, I don’t think it’s an option to do 3-second rewinds on an X1 box. I could be wrong, though — I’ll look into it when I get a chance. 15 and 30 second skips are almost perfect for football, though. Right at the end of the play, skip forward, and you’ll be right at the start of the next play. Just one positive note about the 15 and 30 second skip/rewinds.

  3. Robert says:

    May 2021 – this works with the newest remote Xfinity sent, which didn’t even have the 8-second replay button.
    Did you ever figure out if there’s a way to do anything besides the 15 and 30 second jumps?

    • Kip says:

      There’s no way to get around the 15 and 30 second jumps with buttons, as far as I know. If you have the voice remote, which I now do, in that case you can just say into it, “Forward five seconds”, or, “Back eleven seconds,” and that works, but it’s clunky and slow (I still programs but for 15 and 30 second jumps) like everything on a Comcast box, unfortunately. You know, I hate those boxes so much that even though the Comcast box can be used to stream most streaming services now, I still use a Roku stick, because the Roku is so much faster, easier, elegant, and I can get full 1080p on the Roku all the time (actually, downscaled 4K a lot of the time, if I want, which can look very good). I want to cut the cord badly but my father still relies on older tech.

  4. Susen says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU! This new ‘improved’ remote was making me crazy

  5. Miki says:

    this is awesome – thank you! I was so mad it didn’t have the quick rewind button anymore!

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