How To Get Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect Working in Most Steam Games

Okay, many of you may be trying to play your Steam games in Dolby Digital Live or DTS-Connect with no luck. Your troubles are over. The fix is right here.

All you need to do is download the following file:

Just download that and follow the instructions. Voila. Most of your games should be running DDL/DTS-Connect just fine now. Remember to keep the *original* system files should you need to reinstall them (they’re included) to play certain games.

I know of two games that have issues with this fix — Far Cry 4 and Watch Dogs — but all you have to do is go back to the old system files –which is easy — and then back to the edited ones again when you want to play another game.

I sincerely hope this fix helps a lot of people out. I know I was going nuts trying to get my games to run in DDL/DTS-Connect, now that Windows supports the unlocked Realtek HD drivers again.

Also, I said “most Steam games”; I didn’t mean you NEED to have Steam for this fix to work. This fix should work for any game, whether you got it off Steam or not.

Happy gaming!

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