Heavenly Sword worth renting…

I have to admit, Heavenly Sword is a great-looking game. Actually, just a pretty great game in general. It’s a combat-combo type game along the lines of Ninja Gaiden Sigma or Devil May Cry. Although it looks better than either of these (of course, we haven’t seen the new Devil May Cry yet, but it’s now a cross-platform game, so it may not look as good as PS3 owners hoped).

Heavenly Sword is also one of the first PS3-exclusives, designed to use the PS3’s engine, and it shows. It’s a wonderful-looking game. Pure eye candy. The voice acting is superb, as well.

Combat is fun, and easy to learn. You’ll be able to master it from the get-go. And it’s a lot of fun, it really is.

But it ain’t worth $60. Why? It’s incredibly short. You can get through the game in one sitting if you try hard enough. I’d say there’s 5 to 8 hours of playing time. And that just doesn’t warrant $60. Unlike the equally short Call of Duty 4, it doesn’t have extensive and excellent multiplayer play to pay for itself (or an expansion pack along the way, as far as I know, which Call of Duty 4 does have coming…)

It does, however, warrant a rental from Blockbuster or Gamefly or wherever you rent your games. Grab it, enjoy it, finish it, return it.

Definitely give it a look, though. You’ll have loads of fun just adjusting the camera to look at the main character’s wonderful rear end. 🙂

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