Fuck USC

I mean this from deep, deep down in my heart. Fuck USC. Fuck the University of Spoiled Children. Fuck the University of South Central. Fuck them all, fuck them all up the ass with a spiked-tip mace.

I can say this because once, a few years ago, Cal, my alma mater, DID fuck USC up the ass with a big spiky stick.

Right now, I’m just hoping Notre Dame can wipe them off them field. They’re like some kind of annoying virus bred in the depths of Los Assholeses. They must be dealt with. Quickly. I’m tired of seeing them in the Championship game. Tired, tired, tired.

Fuck USC. Always hated the bastards.

That goes for all you USC alums, too, fuck you all up the ass until you’re raw and bleeding. Good riddance to your arsehole, that’s what I say.

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