Fuck the Patriots (you heard me)

First, weather is no excuse for this travesty of a showing against the Jets by New England (fuck the Jets, too, by the way). This game was poorly coached, with too many passes that stopped a yard or two short of a first down, and poorly executed by a flustered Tom Brady who threw two picks and seemed a lot more like our old friend Drew Bledsoe in the pocket.

The Patriots are a better team than this, but unless they can stop the hemorrhaging — for instance, by, say, limiting the enormous amount of turnovers they have coughed up in the last two games — they will still win the AFC East, but not by much, and they will get slaughtered in the playoffs rather early on.

I’m not happy. But the Pats have a way of turning things around, under Brady and Belichick’s guidance, so, while I do indeed maintain my “fuck the Patriots” feeling this week, I remain optimistic about our chances down the line.

But for this week, I’m embarrassed to be a Pats fan.

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