Fuck Indy…

Okay. So the Patriots had five turnovers, 8 penalties (or was it 9?), and still managed to hang in the game (courtesy of Adam Vinateri missing two field goals — that new sod seems to jack the ball to the right, Gostkowski missed one as well). They even had a chance at a last-second drive. But to no avail, it ended in an unglorious Brady pick. However, this is no great winfor Indy, and Indy will not go undefeated, trust me. If the Pats had scored on their first drive like they should have — or avoided turnovers — they would have won that game. Like I said, it was a minor miracle they hung on as long as they did.

And yes, Manning is good. I’ll give Indy that. The rest of ’em? Fuck Indy.

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