Final Fantasy XIII & the world’s most annoying character

Okay. I’m in Chapter Seven of this game, and I really wish I could jump in the television and whack the crap out of this character named “Hope”. He’s a little dipshit, who carries on all the time because Snow, another character, wasn’t able to save his mother. All he does is bitch and bitch and bitch and then when Snow comes along he’s too afraid to say anything so he just clams up. It gets to the point where you don’t want to even play the little son of a bitch in combat, because it’s more fun watching him die a painful death.

I HATE THIS KID! Okay, Vanille is pretty annoying, too, but she’s a fun little token sex-object who sounds like she’s doing the nasty during every battle. I can deal with that. I cannot deal with Hope. I want to throttle the little bastard.


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