Final Fantasy XII

Once again, I stand in awe of the Final Fantasy series from Square. The not-so-final latest installment is, once again, filled with CGI cutscenes that take your breathe away, an innovative skills system, a free camera, and — for a refreshing change — really really really good voice acting.

I just got my hands on it today, and I’m just starting out on it, but it promises to chew up my free time viciously.

They really do a good job on the Final Fantasy series. I’m still impressed. This is most likely the last game I will buy for the aging PS2, but it’s well worth it, if you’re considering laying out the $50 for it. It’s definitely not a rental; you need a lot of time to play a Final Fantasy game all the way through.

This series is one of the true Cadillacs of the videogame world. Of course, if you don’t like RPGs (role-playing games), stay away from it and buy yourself some lame first-person shooter.

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