Another week or so rolls by…not too much to mention. Take a look at N.S.’s new blogged-out American Songbook project at http://nigam.biz/songbook/.

Me, I’m just tying together some unfinished contract work I’m doing for M.A. Aside from that, I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving, and, umm, I’m fiendishly playing Resident Evil 4, which finally came in the damn mail. And I’m still slowly going through Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon; I have to make that plus two books from The Baroque Cycle plus one Richard K. Morgan novel stretch out until Christmas.

Christmas. Christmas is around the corner. How do these holidays sneak up on me so fast? I suppose I better buy some things for folks. Now, all I want for Christmas is a few hours with a high-priced hooker. Which one of you bastards is gonna get THAT for me?

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