Early caucuses are becoming more and more irrelevant…

Every four years, we have to go through this crap. Iowa and New Hampshire, oh my God, who’s going to win the nominations there?

Who cares?

Giuliani, by all accounts still the front-runner by a slim-margin to win the nomination, has given up entirely on Iowa and pretty much on New Hampshire. He’s banking on Super Tuesday and Florida.

Obama seems to have a slight leg up on Hillary, and Huckabee — freakin’ Huckabee is leading the Iowa caucus straw polls.

Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. Let’s nominate Huckabee. A candidate who doesn’t believe in evolution is going to go real far in the general.

And Obama beating Hillary? I don’t think so, not without some kind of serious gaffe on Hillary’s part (she does keep screwing up with him a little, but not too seriously, yet).

The caucuses are a tale full of sound and fury, signifying…nothing.

Please God, let them end, and let all this horserace crap stop. Yes, the Republican primary is a little locked up, but basically you’re looking at Rudy, McCain, or (pardon me while I swallow a little vomit that just came up) — Romney.

I’m predicting that Rudy will win the nomination, with McCain a very close second. I’m going to stick to that. McCain could conceivably win, and I wouldn’t mind at all — McCain’s a straight-shooter with a tendency to very unwillingly bend to campaign consultants spin control efforts. Witness his tongue-in-cheek backpedal from the Confederate flag issue (he went out of his way to let everybody know that while he was reading comments that said the Confederate flag was a symbol of “heritage”, he really was sticking by his first statement, that it’s a symbol of heritage, sure — racist, whacko, rotten-fish heritage). He even went on to write later than he was ashamed of himself for even bowing that far.

McCain’s honesty is refreshing, but Rudy is also pretty up-front, and the key difference is that Rudy is a hell of a lot more electable than McCain. Part of that, yes, is age. McCain would, at 76, be the oldest president we’ve ever elected.

But…oh God, please let it end.

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