Dripping or “drysmoking”

If you’re an e-cigarette user you may have, at some point, heard about “dripping” or “drysmoking” your e-cig. I’ve tried it, and I have to say, I’m fairly impressed with the results.

It’s simple to do, but first make sure you have a sealed battery on your e-cig, or this could ruin your batteries. Also, if you admit to drysmoking the thing, you’re going to lose your warranty if you have one, so never admit to having actually done it if you return your e-cig. Anyway, the importance of the sealed battery cannot be overstated. Just look at the end of it, where it plugs into the vaporizer. Either there will be a hole there, open to the interior of the battery — every automatic battery I know of uses an open battery, including Blu e-cigs — or it will be closed off. The Joye 510 is usually closed off, meaning no liquid can get from the atomizer into the battery and totally wreck it.

Now, this step is optional, but if you really want to drysmoke/drip, you should do it. Take a cartridge and remove the batting from it. That’s the white cottony stuff inside that holds the E-juice. You just want to have a mouthpiece, and that’s all.

You can keep the batting if you want (I did), and still drysmoke, but the results may not be as spectacular as if you remove the batting.

Finally, here’s the key part — take the atomizer, turn it upside down, and drip one or two drops of E-juice directly on the atomizer.

Then pop the empty (or full) cartridge on and start vaping. You’ll be surprised at how much more vapor you get, and also how long the couple of drops last on the atomizer (for me, they lasted even longer than a full cartridge sometimes lasts).

You can read more about dripping/drysmoking here.

Happy vaping!

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