Desperately seeking…

Now, there are very few people that I’ve shuffled off my mortal coil over the years that I want to get back in touch with. The ones I want to be in touch with, I’m in touch with (even if one of them can’t comprehend email and the other simply isn’t emailing me — dammit, you know who you are).

But there are a COUPLE. And one of them is Michelle Burroughs — I believe that’s how you spell her last name, although her mother’s name was Jansen, so I’m not sure about anything — and I can’t find a trace of her anywhere. Vanished off the map. First serious girlfriend. Not to be sappy or anything. They say smell is the strongest scent tied to memory, and I will say this — she smelled like really good grapes. Right. I have no idea what that means, but I always get this grape smell floating around when I think of her.

Now considering how eerily good I am at tracking people down on the Internet (spooooooky, could I be stalking YOU next…?), it’s extremely odd that in like 10 years I have never run across a trace of her anywhere online. Even with myspace and all. In fact, I just found someone else I was looking for. Hahahaha!

No, seriously, Michelle, if you ARE out there, drop in and post a comment. Anybody else I’m stalking, too.

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