DAMN! DAMN! Of a different variety.

Oh, bad news everywhere, dammit. My father has a cold. And the bastard sneezed into my coffee this morning. And I was dumb enough to then drink said coffee because I need said coffee because otherwise my mind works like sludge and said coffee was the only coffee left.

Now he’s taken cold medicine and is knocked out, and I ask you this: Why does everyone assume I know everything about any sort of drug? So I used to smoke a lot of pot. This does not make me a frigging pharmacist. Anyway, I have been asked several times tonight how much sudafed is enough sudafed and is Benadryl the same thing and dammit I have my own problems.

I have had to cancel my doctor’s appointment for tomorrow due to inclement weather which refuses to make up its mind. Will it rain? Will it snow? Will it crap turds from the sky? Anybody’s bet.

Ah, well, sorry for the bitching. At least this is not one of those pretentious damn blogs that makes the writer (me, in this case) out to be some sort of dark hero of the blogworld. I mean, hell, leave that for the famous bloggers. I’m just writing for the hell of it. Oh. And to let people know I’m still alive. There is that. But enough with the dark Goth bloggers who write about being in tears all the time and…okay, look, you know who you are, some of you may be reading this.

And those of you who are — if I catch this cold, I’m coming and sneezing in your damn coffee. Go have an emotional experience about that, ya wankers.

To summarize: Screw you guys, I’m getting a DVR on Saturday.

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