Cutting off bad friends…

Just a word to the wise. Every now and then you should re-evaluate your friend situation and try cut out any deadwood. I swear. It’s essential for your head. I just cut one away about two or three months ago.

The person in question continually claimed to be a “friend” but was really nothing of the sort; she was a first-class user, a hypocrite in the first degree. I stood back and asked myself, after all you’ve done for her, what the hell has she done for you? And I couldn’t come up with much of anything at all, so I just sent an email that insured she would get the message that I consider her a poseur and that her time as friend is *up*.

It’s been tremendously helpful, it really has. I no longer have to give any thought to this person — who really never gave any thought to me.

I’m not saying you should dump your friends, but yeah, maybe once a year, go through your head and see if there’s any one-sided friendships lingering around, ones where you’re putting in the effort as a friend and getting shafted on the other end.

Anyway, like I said, it’s been great to have this person out of my life. It also frees up space for other, real, friends. So, just, once a year, maybe, ask yourself if there’s anyone who’s on your friend list but who just isn’t acting like a friend at all, and if you feel strongly enough about it, cut the person loose. It’s a tremendous relief of pressure.

And that’s my stupid little thought for the day. 😉

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