Comcast TiVo experiment mercifully over

My Comcast TiVo box recently bricked on me, and I was more than happy to turn it in for a regular Comcast DVR — well, one of the new ones (DCX3400s) with the 320 gig hard drive (50 hours of HD programming) and more RAM for a faster guide.

Do not. Get. Comcast. TiVo. I cannot emphasize this enough. First, it has no features the regular Comcast DVR doesn’t have — other than the “suggestions” option, which I really don’t care about anyway. Comcast TiVo is incredibly slow to change channels, the guide is incredibly slow, the recording features are slow, and there’s no free space indicator.

Comcast TiVo sucks. I repeat, do not get a Comcast TiVo box. Now, a real, regular TiVo box, I’ve heard good things about. But leave it up to Comcast to totally screw up a good thing.

I’m happy with my regular Comcast DVR. Very happy.

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