Cleaning a Plasma TV

Yet more tips on plasma HDTVs.

Most plasma sets have a very thin anti-glare coating on top of their protective glass. You don’t want to scratch this coating or dissolve it. So, right off the bat — Windex and paper towels are RIGHT OUT.

The proper way to clean a plasma set is to get yourself an ultra-soft cloth, as soft as possible. Now wet the cloth, then wring it out until it’s just damp. Use this to very carefully clean the TV screen.

If you have a very dirty screen, then find the MILDEST detergent around. Me, I use antibacterial hand-soap from the bathroom. Repeat the soaking and wringing steps with the cloth, but this time add a very small amount of detergent when you first wet the cloth.

This may be overkill — I know plenty of people with plasmas who do, in fact, use Windex and paper towels. I’m just givng you the most paranoid, safest method of cleaning that screen. The result from, say, a year or so using Windex and paper towels might be a slight cloudiness on the screen. You don’t want that on a set you dropped $2k or more on.

Bottom line: if you want the TV to last as long as possible, use the methods I described. Better yet, if you can get away with just dusting the TV with a dry (and still extremely soft) cloth, do that.

I’m paranoid enough to have ordered some optical-quality cleaning cloths from a camera shop (thy’re made spcifically for optical devices, for cleaning camera lenses and other such delicate tasks).

Best of luck!

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