Bouncing Babies

Ahh, I have good news to relate. A friend of mine, an old friend and fellow Berkeley alum, whom I shall refer to only by her initials, L.S., is due to deliver a baby girl this Tuesday (although she herself “feels like it’ll be more like Thurdsay”).

She’s living on the Cape; more information is really not needed, if you know who I’m talking about and wish to express tidings of good luck and such, you can contact me and I’ll screen out any people who shouldn’t be bothering her.

Except for me, of course, I shouldn’t be bothering her either, but she’s a great girl.

So let’s all wish her some good luck this coming week (or maybe a bit longer, who knows) and remind her to “BREATHE!” and, I guess, “PUSH!”

This is the extend of my knowledge of the birth process (breathe and push). Beyond that it just gets icky and I don’t want to think about it.

But may the lovely Ms. S. (soon to be Mrs. something) enjoy many happy days with her lovely baby girl.

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