Bleak thoughts on a bleak winter night…

Man, if you’re not in New England, you’re missing one hell of a storm. Not a lot of snow, but freezing rain, ice covering everything, wind blowing all over the place…spooky as all hell. And I sure as hell wouldn’t want to drive in this weather, thank God I don’t have to.

On a night like tonight I wish I could pepper my blog with things a bit darker than tips on connecting gaming consoles or crap like that. People who’ve known me for a while might wonder why my current blog is so bland. Well, the reason is simple. The Internet is simply too wide-open now.

In the days of yore, before Google indexed everything on the face of the planet, you could get away with posting whatever the hell you wanted all over the place and be fairly sure that people you knew, or your employers, and so on, wouldn’t see it. But now you can’t. Give your name to someone, even some girl or guy you’re asking out on a date, and next thing you know, they’ll be searching you and finding that post on a discussion forum from eight years ago where you talk about being hungover or something you really don’t want everybody to know.

That was the great thing about the Internet, that it used to be anonymous. Now you can’t even hide behind a handle; a pseudonym. Even if I bought another domain name, or hosted my blog on blogspot, eventually someone would connect the dots and figure out who I am.

Which sucks, because there are plenty of opinions I’d like to share. Plenty of problems I’d like to bitch about. Plenty of yelling and carping I’d like to do. Ranting. Like in the good old days. But you just can’t risk it anymore. And let me warn you kids out there who are still doing it, who are putting together MySpace pages that boast of, say, your extensive drug use: stop it or it’s going to catch up to you and bite you in the ass. I guarantee it. When you go for your first real job, I doubt you want people reading crap like that.

That being said, I swear to God, I’m going to make this blog more interesting. Maybe I’ll sacrifice a little respectability and anonymity. Hell, who cares.

I just wanted to apologize for being bland. That’s all.

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