And now, another reason for me to feel old…but a good one…

Ah yes, here I go, I’m like the last man standing around here without a wife, children, a serious girlfriend, a semi-serious girlfriend, or, say, even a really high-priced hooker.

However, there is good news, from the Old Friend front. L.S. has had a baby, the baby pictures are available over here. My best to her and the happy father, Vincent.

It actually scares me because this is the first time I’ve seen a child who looks like the mother at birth.

Now, in other Old Friends news, I am glad to report that Mr. K-Rhyme is alive and kicking, I just had lunch with him yesterday, he still looks like he styles his hair in a laundry machine, and he’s definitely still silly, despite his professorial aspirations at USC and his decision that all Westerns (except every one I mention to him) are “homo-social”.

Shane is not homo-social. That’s one of the ones I mentioned. Just for the record.

That’s all for now…

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