And now, a dirty penguin joke…

A penguin is driving across the country in his car when the engine overheats and he has to pull over into the nearest garage.

The mechanic greets him and says, “Well, it’s going to take me about an hour to diagnose the problem…”

The penguin replies, “Is there anything to do in this town for an hour?”

After a second, the mechanic replies, “Well, I don’t know if you like ice cream, but there’s an ice cream shop across the street…”

The penguin thanks him and heads off to the ice cream shop. He orders some vanilla ice cream, tries to eat it, but since he has no hands, he ends up with ice cream all over his beak. Just then he looks up at the clock and realizes it’s been over an hour. He rushes back to the garage.

The mechanic immediately says, “Well, looks like you blew a seal, buddy!”

The penguin replies, “No! No way! It’s just a little bit of ice cream! I swear!”

(okay allow a few seconds for the slower of you out there to get it…)


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