An NFL double standard?

I wanted to go back and say a little more regarding G.C.’s remark that had a black player with braids run off the field early, you’d have heard stories of him being a “cancer to the team” and stuff like that, whereas Belichick skips away without anybody pointing it out.

What I want to say is — I agree. Look at the awful death of Sean Taylor. Two seconds after the press found out, it was just automatically assumed that this must have happened because he was hanging out with the wrong crowd…because he was black…

Of course, it turned out that the NFL apparently didn’t sufficiently warn Sean Taylor about spending quiet, peaceful nights at home.

Or…look back to when Randy Moss mooned the Green Bay fans. He was immediately slapped with the hothead-misbehavin’ mantle. Give me a break! Personally, I thought it was funny. Even if it wasn’t, it didn’t deserve to be made into the big deal it ended up as, and the only reason it ended up as a big deal is because Randy Moss is black. That’s just my two cents, but I really believe that.

So I wanted to say that on this one, I’m 100% with G.C. There is still a double standard in the NFL (and in plenty of other sports) that will scapegoat a black player for “shenanigans” that a white player or coach could get away with.

I don’t like it, I don’t like it one bit, but the only good news is that the only movement is forward…a lot of people thought the Randy Moss Green Bay incident was way overblown. I think it will only get better and better, that’s all I can say. Racism still exists, and we can’t have an honest debate on racism until we all admit that fact (that racism exists), and, furthermore, that we will not see the end of racism in our lifetime. It will get better, but it won’t go away. Not in my lifetime, anyway.

But, in the plus column, we have a serious black candidate for president this time around (and screw Bill Clinton for that race-baiting he did, including dismissing Obama by comparing him to Jesse Jackson). That’s progress. A lot of progress.

You can only hope it gets better.

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