An awful showing by the Patriots

Okay. Let’s clear things up and call a spade a spade. The Patriots stunk against the Broncos. Why did they stink? I have no idea. They came out as flat as I’ve seen them come out in seven years and they never got any better. The offense, at least. The defense had a little fire, but not much. The offense hung their heads, shrugged onto the field, and played with no intensity or emotion. Brady’s stats may look good tomorrow, but he lead the charge of flatness — shrugged shoulders, passes so bad local pundits are speculating he might be injured, and zero passion. When a quarterback is that flat, it’s hard for an offense to rally around him. Never mind our rookie kicker’s missed kick. You want someone to make you feel bummed out in that game? Just watch Brady’s body language.

This was simply horrid. I’m a Patriots fan, but I’ll say it: the Broncos deserved that win, and guess what, they deserved to win even bigger, because on that side of the ball, players were playing with intensity. Tatum Bell alone had more testosterone in his veins than our entire offense.

What a sorry excuse for a game. The Pats better shape up, or they’re not making the playoffs, and nobody’s going to shed many tears over it, either.

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