Alright — Health Care Reform

Yes, health care reform. Or stealth takeover of the private sector by the public.

Here’s the first thing I want to know about.
Obama, as well as most people (including me), agree that Medicare and Medicaid are broke, and we have uninsured people (smaller than the amount you hear, though, because so many can get it yet choose not to) we need to insure.
Right. Medicare, Medicaid, broke. System needs reform. Obama’s solution?
Create another huge bureaucracy, the same as Medicare or Medicaid, to the tune of a few trillion dollars expected.
This is what I don’t understand, Mr. President. Two government bureaucracies that were both created to govern healthcare are broke, and need fixing, so to fix them, we’ll create another layer? We can’t just try to fix Medicare and Medicaid, maybe, first?
It’s a fundamental contradiction — a glaring one, I’d say — in Obama’s argument for health care reform.
As for these townhalls, I’m sorry people like Maureen Dowd don’t see the “radiant young diverse idealists”, or whatever the hell she recently said (she sees old bitter white men, basically). What, we should come to you with a caucus of wise Latina women? Are you kidding me? Yeah, there is some organization in some of the groups coming from a higher level, but the Left in America organizes the crap out of everything! It’s how Obama got elected, don’t give me that! And we don’t have the right to peacefully petition and lobby? Notice it says, “peacefully”, not “amicably”. Well, so far as I know, no one’s been shot at any of these damn townhall meetings, so sod off with that bit, too, eh? We’re allowed to be loud.
Two words: Code Pink. Now between them and the townhall folk, you tell me which one better represents America.
And it is also important, as some have pointed out, to recognize that a lot of this is fear of the unkown, because we don’t — and really, can’t, in a way — know exactly what’s in this behemoth of a bill they want to pass. Why do you think they wanted it rushed through, anyway? Why do you think Obama wanted it in August? So no one would have a chance to talk about it, and elected officials wouldn’t have to get earfuls from angry constituents about how they’ll vote their asses out if they go along with this bill.
So, basically, my humble suggestion is that we plug all the holes in Medicare and Medicaid, rather than embark on a whole new government, well, takeover of public health care — and subsequently, public rights — in a free market.
And, yeah, my townhall two cents — most of you guys can go shove it. You don’t speak for me. You will only speak for me by directly opposing this legislation, by fighting to stop it. By doing something proactive to stop it, stop it right now, to stop socialized health care, stop it here and let it go no further.
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