A toothless attack

If Obama wants to win, going after McCain for saying “the fundamentals of the economy are strong” is not how he’s going to do it.

I just don’t think that Americans…after witnessing a rebound from the dot-com bubble…really feel, by and large, like the economy itself somehow is broken. It’s an argument over management of the economy. That’s what people want to hear: “I will manage this economy so we will all be better off.”

Not “America sucks”, which is what is basically what Obama is saying. I also happen to personally disagree, as well. The American workforce is the American economy and I think the American workforce is strong.

What happened to the politics of hope…? If Obama’s going to go negative, he sure as hell has to do a better job than this. Even going back to bitching about gas and talking about inflating your tires would be better than this.

Get off this message. Get back on the “renewal” thing, Barack. It surprises me that the original Obama has so much disappeared, that so much vitality seems to have leaked out since the primaries. He has a historic run. He should be making historic speeches, not lame potshots at the US economy. We all know he can orate immensely well.

The Obama campaign has not, I think, found its groove, while meanwhile, the McCain camp kinda has. They’re both on message, both now “pro-hope” and “reform”. Their stumping actually looks more fiery at this point, which is scary. And anyone who says the Obama campaign has found its groove has to explain to me why Obama is where he is in the polls despite George W. Bush being immensely unpopular and the rest of the Rs teetering in the House and Senate (although the Dems have horrid poll ratings in Congress).

The McCain campaign is energized and Obama needs to do something to throw them off message. Quickly. The debates will actually matter for once (which proves we still have people simply too stupid to figure out which candidate they want).

Is Obama losing his lustre? It remains to be seen, I guess.

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