A prayer for Ted Kennedy…you heard me.

As most of you probably know, Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

Now, I violently disagree with Senator Kennedy on practically…everything…and in many ways I think he has done some extremely rephrensible things (Chappaquidick?).

But I wouldn’t wish this sort of luck on my worst enemy, and as Donne said, ask not for whom the bell tolls — it tolls for thee. Any man’s death diminishes me. The point is, it’s not fair nor is it cool to be happy that the Senator is sick.

So I’ll say a little pray for Teddy, and his family, even though I doubt it will help, and I will wish him my best, and hope that he continues to live life to its fullest up until his very last day. I also hope and pray he doesn’t suffer a great deal of pain.

Good luck, Teddy, good luck.

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