A friend in need…

I had a disturbing conversation with an old friend of mine tonight. I can’t say who it is, but…well, my blog is my little space to vent…and I have to vent. Not anger, not frustration, but worry.

My friend is having severe problems. Okay, even though it’s grammatically incorrect, I will refer to my friend as “they” so I can remain neutral about gender. They cannot have their privacy compromised.

They have an addiction problem they can’t face. They have a recent incident in their lives that is (severely) adding more stress which is in turn fueling the addiction. They have a history of some mental illness, a topic which I am altogether too familiar with. I am worried the stress may be bringing some of it back for them.

Do me a favor. Just, for a second, wish my friend some luck. Some willpower. Wish them some goodwill. They need it right now. I was able to talk to them for a little while and get their minds off their problem, but…it was like putting a finger-sized band-aid over a buckshot wound.

Just…wish the dharma swings their way, wish the yin and yang are restored, wish my friend luck. Say a prayer. Call on St. Jude. Just think something positive. That’s all I ask. My friend doesn’t deserve this.

On the bright side, all of my other friends (including all those you see linked to here, which eliminates any of them, just to make those guys feel a little better) are doing great. As am I. I just hope maybe some of the good vibes spill over to my friend in need.

Sometimes life sucks, and sometimes life sucks for someone else, and sometimes that’s worse.

Vent closed.

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