A brand name triumph?

It’s struck me recently how people have problems using verbs with their DVRs. Even me. I’ll say, “I’m taping…no sorry, I’m DVRing…no, I mean, recording…oh what the hell…”

Now, what a LOT of people say is, “I’m TiVoing that show tonight.” Even if they don’t have TiVos. I bet if you go out there and compare the number of people who say they’re “TiVoing” something, only a very few actually have TiVo.

Now, I find it fascinating that TiVo, which is by no means the dominant DVR system at the moment (mostly due to proprietary DVRs that cable and satellite companies use), is the active verb a lot of people use when referring to digitally recording something.

I know this is silly, but in that way, TiVo has triumphed. They get their name repeated over and over again by people who have never even seen a TiVo (and yes, folks, TiVos are different than other DVRs, mostly because of the “push” technology they use to recommend shows to you — much the same way as Amazon.com uses “push” technology to recommend books to you).

So it’s an idle thought. So I think too much. But it’s kind of interesting. 🙂

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