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Open Letter to David Carradine’s Ghost

Why, oh why, did you have to dress like Batman and choke yourself to get off? Sigh.

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He peed on my rug!

“That’s right, Dude, they peedĀ on your f–king rug.” And that rug REALLY tied the room together.

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The Specials — Too Much Too Young

Woot, throwing this up here because it’s personally relevant to me at the moment, LOL. Plus I just love the song and ska in general.

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SNL: “Prose and Cons” (aka KILL MY LANDLORD)

Sigh. You see, this is what Saturday Night LiveĀ used to be like. Someone call me when it’s this funny again. Without further ado, I give you Eddie Murphy and the Not-Ready-For-Primetime-Players in one of their finest hours:  

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Argument Clinic

Ah. Just woke up. I think perhaps I may go to the Argument Clinic with Corey Hollister…

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Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Psst…Joe G. here…Kip’s not paying attention, so I’m sneaking this one in…every bit of clothing ought to make you pretty; you can cut the clothing, grey is such a pity; I should wear the clothing of Mr. Walter Mitty — … Continue reading

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I need a tennis ball

Okay, so my mom had her consultation regarding the tumor on her kidney today. They’re doing the biopsy in ten days or so. This is, what, at least the 8th or 9th cancer scare now? I’m throwing up “Tennis Ball” … Continue reading

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Aw kid, you’re a STAR!

…and..ALL…THAT…JAZZ! –Joe Gideon All That Jazz Chicago at

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Ah yes. While I still have my mojo back, here’s something to get you started this morning. There’s…only one Kip and only one Cod? Huh. I don’t really like fish. Shut up and crank it.

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The answer to ALL your troubles.

Good morning, East Coasters! Feeling down? Stressed out? Tired? THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS IS HERE. It’s a RiffTrax of the Vanilla Ice vehicle “Cool as Ice”. It’s also the best $10 you will ever spend in your entire … Continue reading

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