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The Specials — Too Much Too Young

Woot, throwing this up here because it’s personally relevant to me at the moment, LOL. Plus I just love the song and ska in general.

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Spicy Tomato Jewelry

Hey, in passing here, I threw up a post related to Keb earlier, and I really should be nicer here; remember there are two sides to every relationship. Anyway, point is, besides being a full-time tech career woman, on the … Continue reading

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How Very Conservatrarian of You, Senator Rand Paul

Old news by now (a day, lol), but, hey, listen up GOP old guard — move *aside*, we need someone like Rand Paul to do this. And consider running for president. Coming from: a conservative, with strong small-l libertarian inclinations, … Continue reading

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Missing girl from Wareham is fine

Apparently, from what I just read, that missing teen from Wareham (Kelly Weislow, or something? Look up the post I have, updating it) is okay. Here: Hello, Wareham Week does not publish stories about missing persons until we are able … Continue reading

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Open letter to Google

Dear Google: I like you guys. I really do. I was using Google before anyone else I knew, and have used it exclusively since. But lately, I’ve been hanging while doing Google searches on my PC, and all evidence points … Continue reading

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Roast in Hell, Hugo Chavez

Oh, man, what good news to wake up to (yeah, I keep weird hours): (CNN)¬†— A deeply divided Venezuela is mourning its late leader and preparing to pick a new president to replace him. Venezuelan officials called for peace and … Continue reading

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Missing 14 y.o. girl from Wareham, MA **UPDATE: GIRL IS FINE**

This is an earlier post regarding a missing girl from Wareham. Am taking her picture down because she has been found. Think the scare was a bit premature, but, came from a friend, so, etc. But below is a posting … Continue reading

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My mother and the kidney tumor…

Er, my mother is going in today for the needle biopsy, for the tumor on her kidney. So if you could spare a moment to shoot up a prayer to the entity of your choice, or just shoot some good … Continue reading

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SNL: “Prose and Cons” (aka KILL MY LANDLORD)

Sigh. You see, this is what Saturday Night Live¬†used to be like. Someone call me when it’s this funny again. Without further ado, I give you Eddie Murphy and the Not-Ready-For-Primetime-Players in one of their finest hours:  

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