My Father and I Need Your Help for our GoFundMe Campaign!

Hey, guys. I’m just going to put the link for my GoFundMe page up here, and repeat the description I wrote on the GoFundMe site. Anything you can spare would be enormously appreciated by me and my father, and you can also help without donating by simply spreading the link everywhere you can on social media.

First, the link:

Next, the campaign statement:

My father and I both live together and are both disabled — I’m Bipolar I and have had psychotic breaks, and my father has had a heart attack, a bad fall and broken hip, has an implantable defibrillator, is incontinent with a permanent catheter, and spends much of his time in a wheelchair.  He’s 75 and I’m 43. Neither of us are able to work. The government recognizes us both as legally disabled. In 2017, we lost my mother to a sudden stroke and as a result we lost a lot of money; her social security plus a monthly gift she had been left by her godmother to help her (and us) get by. After we lost my mom (she died on my birthday, of all days), we were unable afford to pay our property taxes from then until now (and we were already behind on them at that point). Now we’re being threatened by the town and we’re afraid of losing the house, which is a modest one-floor affair, but which is all we have. We owe a total of $28,000 in back taxes on the house. We reached a deal to pay $300 a month in the back property taxes with town tax officials. However, we simply can’t afford to lose that $300 per month; we’re barely making ends meet as it is. We live as frugally as possible. We are both on government assistance but it does not provide very much. I’m looking to raise $3600, which would be a year’s worth of property taxes. If we could do that, we could pay the taxes, avoid losing the house, which we’re very much afraid of, and still be able to (just) make ends meet. The funds we receive will *only* be used for the purpose of paying property taxes, nothing else. It would be great if we could hit a mark of $300 the first month and then keep it going for a year. I cannot tell you how grateful my father and I would be for your help; I’m an only child and I feel terrible that I cannot provide for my father in his old age due to my disability — but you have to play the cards you’re dealt in life. Every single dollar you give will, again, go directly to pay our property taxes of $300 per month. I can only hope that we have some success on here because our luck has been bad for quite a while now and I’ve run out of places to turn. Anything you could give us would be so, so, so very appreciated and would ease our worries about losing our home. Thank you for your time and consideration just in reading this. My goal is a year’s worth of a property taxes, which would be a total of $3,600, but it would be really great if, as I said, we could somehow bring in $300 per month, so we could stay current with our finances. Again, we live VERY frugally. We do not eat out, we spend almost zero money on entertainment, and we keep holidays as simple as possible. God bless each and every one of you who contribute, and once more, thank you just for reading this and listening to our plea. I want to thank everyone *ahead* of time for any help we receive. I have to believe there are good people out there who will help us get through this. To make matters worse, we’re *just* recovering from having our well failing and having to connect to town water, the cost of which entirely drained everything we had in savings. Bless you for your help; if I could personally thank everyone who contributes, I would.

Thank you for your time reading this post.

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How to Program Your X1 Box For 30-Second Skip and 15-Second Rewind

Okay, guys, this is a pretty easy little hack, right here.

I have verified this works on an XR15 remote, which I believe is the latest. Remember, you’re programming the box, not the remote.

A search box will come up while you’re doing this; pay no attention to it, just follow these simple instructions:

Hit EXIT -> EXIT -> EXIT (EXIT three times, quickly and deliberately)
Type 0030 (this is where the search box will come up, ignore it)
Press the ENTER button (the button that glows white in the middle of the directional pad)

Your PageUp button will now fast forward 30 seconds, and your PageDown button will rewind 15 seconds.

NOTE: This will NOT work on Xfinity On Demand titles. It will only work on DVR-recorded programs and live (buffered) television.

Hope this helps some folks.

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Fix for PLEX “Unauthorized Server” Problem on Roku

Okay, so I just got a Roku Streaming Stick for my dad, and I wanted to set it up so it could use PLEX, which is what I use to stream everything from my PC.

I was going nuts, because it kept telling me it couldn’t log into the server, because the server was “unauthorized”, even though I let it accept non-secure connections.

The fix, courtesy of gsparx on Reddit, is the following (the following example is if you want to get it to play on devices connected to your home network):

In the PLEX app on your computer, go to Settings -> Server -> Network. There will be a box that says “List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without authorization”. Enter into that box. You may need to refresh, but your Roku should now be able to access your server. You may have to enter a different IP depending on your configuration, but that one worked for me, since, again, I’m using it on my home network.

I hope this helps some people. It was driving me nuts.

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Fix for Assassin’s Creed: Origins Freezing/Stuttering on Consoles

Some of you playing on consoles may notice that Assassin’s Creed: Origins is freezing up on you ever now and then (or a lot, depending on when you’re playing). The problem is the same as it was for AC: Unity — it’s the online component. Too much online stuff going on at once. The fix? Simple. Play the game offline. Disconnect from the Internet. Then you’ll lose the freezing (also, the online features, of course).

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How To Make Your IPhone Recognize The Word “Fuck”

If you’re at all like me, the fact that your iPhone constantly autocorrects the f-word so it reads “ducking”, you’ve probably wondered if there’s any way you can get the damned thing to ever autocorrect the word properly — fuck, fucker, fucking, etc.


Add two contacts. Just fake, empty contacts. Name one (first name, last name) “fuck, fucker” and name the other “fucked, fucking”.

Now go and try to type some text in something. Try to mess up the word “fuck” a little bit. It should now autocorrect to the above listed profanities instead of defaulting to “ducking” and so on.

You’re welcome.


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Final Fantasy XV Infinite Sprint Exploit

Just a quick tip for anyone still playing Final Fantasy XV, as I am…there’s an infinite sprint exploit. Well, not really an exploit, as it’s built-in, but a little trick. Turn on your stamina bar on your HUD. Now, hold onto the sprint button (Circle for me on PS4). Right when your stamina is about to run out, let go of the sprint button. Noctis will flash green for a second and your stamina will be completely refilled. Meaning, theoretically, you can sprint forever without resting. Hope this helps someone.

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Move to GoDaddy and should I put up a BB?

Well, my many years of free hosting are over; 3 Media Web is moving on to bigger and better things, KungFuDesign is no more, and I’m left with paying (damn you, Internet!) to keep going on

Which brings me to the second part of the post. It’s wicked (or hella, just pick one) easy to put up a bulletin board using GoDaddy. Should I put one up? Is it worth it? What would we talk about? My number one hits come from links to nude photo shoots; should we talk about Olivia Black’s tats in detail? I don’t know. Tell me what you think.


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How To Get Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect Working in Most Steam Games

Okay, many of you may be trying to play your Steam games in Dolby Digital Live or DTS-Connect with no luck. Your troubles are over. The fix is right here.

All you need to do is download the following file:

Just download that and follow the instructions. Voila. Most of your games should be running DDL/DTS-Connect just fine now. Remember to keep the *original* system files should you need to reinstall them (they’re included) to play certain games.

I know of two games that have issues with this fix — Far Cry 4 and Watch Dogs — but all you have to do is go back to the old system files –which is easy — and then back to the edited ones again when you want to play another game.

I sincerely hope this fix helps a lot of people out. I know I was going nuts trying to get my games to run in DDL/DTS-Connect, now that Windows supports the unlocked Realtek HD drivers again.

Also, I said “most Steam games”; I didn’t mean you NEED to have Steam for this fix to work. This fix should work for any game, whether you got it off Steam or not.

Happy gaming!

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RIP Prince 2 — Raspberry Beret

Dear Prince’s Estate: Please don’t send me threatening emails about this. These two posts are tributes and will be taken down shortly and permanently deleted.

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RIP Prince

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