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The curse of the long back…

So I get up this morning, I head for the coffee; I put my hands on the counter for just a second and WHAM my back goes out on me. I spent fifteen minutes just lying on the floor trying … Continue reading

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Apple “bumper” solves my antenna problem

Well, after waiting for two weeks, my “bumper” from Apple has arrived. For $30 you get a cheap piece of plastic that goes around the phone in a strip. It does afford some protection if you drop your iPhone, though, … Continue reading

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Singularity for the PC: Quick Review

I’m not the world’s hugest fan of FPSers, but when a good one comes along, well, it’s a pleasure to see. Singularity is a FPSer with a bit of a twist. Made by the same folks who made Wolfenstein, they … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone 4 antenna problem “software glitch”, according to Apple

Okay, so apparently the antenna glitch with the iPhone 4 is not actually a hardware glitch (or, rather, not ENTIRELY a hardware glitch) at all but rather a software glitch which is showing your signal as too strong; they apparently … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the iPhone 4

Well, I have it, finally — have had it for two days; the brand spankin’ new iPhone 4. What do I think of it? Overall, I like it. They’ve changed the design a little bit, which I don’t mind, because … Continue reading

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