Apple iPhone 4 antenna problem “software glitch”, according to Apple

Okay, so apparently the antenna glitch with the iPhone 4 is not actually a hardware glitch (or, rather, not ENTIRELY a hardware glitch) at all but rather a software glitch which is showing your signal as too strong; they apparently screwed up the formula for it. They’re working on an update now.

More here:,2817,2366031,00.asp

Of course, this sort of belies the fact that Apple thinks we’re all idiots and we actually believe a software update can somehow fix a hardware-related problem. Let’s get this straight: the “death grip” on the iPhone 4 is real, whether or not the screen is showing the correct number of bars.

They ought to be giving a free bumper out to every iPhone 4 customer. I’m waiting for the one I paid for to be shipped, still.

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