The curse of the long back…

So I get up this morning, I head for the coffee; I put my hands on the counter for just a second and WHAM my back goes out on me. I spent fifteen minutes just lying on the floor trying to get up. The pain is running all down my right leg, too, so it’s obviously something to do with my sciatica (I have chronic problems with that).

Anyway, it runs in the family. I have what’s referred to as a “swimmer’s back”, meaning it’s very very long. And the longer your back is, the more likely you are to have some lower back pain. At least it’s not killing me so much I can’t sit comfortably anymore. Well, it’s still uncomfortable, I guess, but Advil helped and if I stay in one position I seem to be okay.

Ironically, my father’s still getting over his back going out on him ten days ago.

Bit of a meaningless post to the blog, but I felt like venting my frustration, so just deal with it.

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