Review of the Joye 510 E-Cig

My Joye 510 electronic cigarette came in the mail today. I’ll give you my initial impressions.

Before that, though, remember that my experience with electronic cigarettes is limited to one other brand, “Blu” cigs, so I’m going to be using them to contrast the Joye 510 to.

First, vapor. You get more vapor out of the Joye than you do a Blu e-cig. A pretty darn good hit. And if you inhale long enough, you’ll get a decent throat hit. That’s a big plus over the Blu cig.

Note that the Joye 510 is manual; you have to hold down a button on the battery in order to activate it. This really isn’t a big deal and doesn’t add or detract from the vaping experience.

Joye e-cigs must be filled by using E-liquid, which you can buy online at any number of retailers. You get a few pre-loaded cartridges with it, but you’re really going to be needing to buy blank cartridges and fill them with the E-liquid of your choice.

So, on the plus side, it kicks out more vapor and gives a better “throat hit” than the Blu cig.

On the minus side, the Joye 510 seems to go through the E-liquid incredibly fast. Of course, since it’s kicking out more vapor, this seems to be kind of obvious, but it runs through juice at almost an alarming rate. Within five minutes of filling mine, it was empty again.

Joye versus Blu — I think Joye wins by a very slim margin. Unlike Blu, it does not come with a charging case; you can buy a PCC — “personal charging case” — separately if you so desire.

Unfortunately, the Joye 510 does not have the corporate presence Blu has; whereas you can order a number of Blu cartridges in different flavors, with the Joye, you’re going to be manually filling the cartridges on a very frequent basis.

I may have more to say on the topic as I use the Joye more often, but we’ll leave that to the future.

Initially, I’m going to give this thing a B+; while it kicks out more vapor than the Blu e-cig does, the downsides are definitely there, and definitely detract from me giving the Joye an A or even an A-.

Happy vaping!

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