Quick Review of Dead Island DLC: Ryder White

Let me sum this up quickly: Do not buy the Dead Island DLC Ryder White.

Come on, guys, this is not how you do DLC. Ryder White is supposed to show us the events of Dead Island from the viewpoint of Ryder White, the Australian officer whose wife becomes infected with the…whatever the hell it is that’s turning people into zombies.

Here’s the problem. The Dead Island folks have stripped leveling, experience, and the entire skill tree out of this DLC. What you are left with is a soulless first-person shooter. Oh, and it’s linear — no exploring an open environment this time.

About the only good thing you can say about it is that there’s more gunplay; more guns in general. Really, that’s it.

Avoid this thing like the zombie plague. 5.0/10, and it only gets those 5 points because I liked the original Dead Island so much.

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