Patriots put Seymour on the PUPlist, ARGH!

Yeah, you heard me. We’ve already lost Rodney Harrison for at least four games because the idiot ordered HGH (Human Growth Hormone) over the Internet (smart, Rodney, smmmmarrrtt). And he’s known as the “quarterback” of the defense, given his experience.

Now Seymour has been put on the PUPlist, and will be out for at least six games.

This is not good. We have a tough opener against the Jets and then the biggie — our second game, the Chargers at the Razor, and homefield advantage or no, the Chargers are most certainly going to be gunning hard for the team that tossed them out of the playoffs last season.

Oh well. If anyone can deal with juggling people into his defense when needed, it’s Belichick, I suppose.

We also dropped Vinny Testaverde, but don’t feel too bad for Vinny. If we need him, we’ll just re-sign him later in the season. Too bad we can’t just keep him, though, he’s a good guy, you have to at least admit that. And a hell of an athelete to still be playing at his age.

Anyway, I think us New England fans should calm down a little bit with our way-over-the-top exuberance over this team. Yes, we’re good this year, but anything can happen. And anything just did happen. We last two Pro-bowl quality players on our defense. Are you going to make me say it? Fine, okay, “defense wins championships”.

Don’t think we’re just going to roll over the Jets, either. Mangini has taken the New England system and almost exactly copied it over in New York. The Jets are a team to be reckoned with. I won’t exactly call the opener a trap game, but it’s mighty close.

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