Old Friends

Ever since I’ve started this blog, I’ve had the good luck to run into a lot of old friends. The blog has nothing to do with it, of course, just the timing, I suppose. The blog, by the way, has been getting a TON of hits since I mentioned Kari Byron’s shoot in FHM (see below, or archives), thus proving that Kari Byron rules Geekdom Lust with an iron fist.

Anyway, I did have to post one picture of an old friend up here, who still looks 17 to me, but who denies that vehemently on her part. She’s been an absolute dear in corresponding with the dreadfully boring Kipster. Anyway, I give you ST.

There’s much more at a bit of an out-dated site (I gather the project is over, but the bio is still correct, I think) she has, over at:


Anyway, I’ve known this girl for a long time, I grew up with her, and, Ms. S, I apologize for posting your picture, but I want it on my blog for sentimental purposes. There are some other pictures on her site but I quite like this candid one.

Needless to say, Ms. T. and I are strictly friends; she’s several thousand miles away in Boulder, CO, with a steady boyfriend (who I will kill if he mistreats her, as I view this girl as a surrogate sister).

Now, as for others, I *need* your photos online first, and if you’re reading, Erin, I need a non-fuzzy picture of you. I contemplated putting you up, but those pictures do not do you justice. For anyone wondering, Ms. Erin H. and I were indeed an item and she’s quite beautiful — and I could prove that if she sent me better pictures.

Of course, she was blonde when she dated me, and now she’s gone back to brunette, which makes her, like, a whole separate girl, which is, to say the least, very intriguing, and I intend on exploring the theme.

And, of course, anyone who wants to send me NUDE pictures — that is, any attractive females who wish to do so, please, go right ahead.

Ah well. Anyway, all of this makes me very nostalgic.

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