Obama: Blowin’ in the Wind

Charles Krauthammer has a great article out this week which ends by stating that the Clintons will look “scrupulous” next to Obama’s sudden hard-changing ways.

And yes, it has begun, and the media has barely even picked it up. Opting out of public financing. Flip-flop on gun control (what happened to all those bitter people clinging to their guns?), and of course, another huge flip-flop on NAFTA, which was iminently predictable.

Okay, so you say he has to move to the center to capture centrist voters. Okay. I’ll buy that. But you have to admit, Obama has changed a lot more of his promises in this campaign than McCain has. What does that say about his word as an American leader during, whether Obama likes it or not (but he’s still “evolving” on this issue, too), wartime?

It’s just politics as usual. Anyone who’s bought into the cult of Obama ought to be ashamed of themselves. The man doesn’t offer “true change” any more than McCain or any other single candidate throughout all the primaries has offered “true change”. It may be hard for Obama fans to accept, but at the bottom line, Obama is a politician.

Right now he’s a liberal one who’d like to move more to the right so he can capture whatever phantom undecided vote is still out there.

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